The n2 viewer

The N2 Viewer Component is an AJAX based web-frontend that makes it easy to view the data collected by n2rxd. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to navigate through the massive amount of data collected by the n2rxd daemon and visualize the status of your servers.

N2 List View

The List View provides a grouped overview with more detail. It autorefreshes at regular intervals and is sorted by CPU load. You can see stats like network traffic, latency, load and CPU usage at a glance.

The blue bars provide the CPU usage at a given point in time and give you a quick insight into which nodes might be about to run into trouble.

N2 Details - Info

The Info tab shows you the details for a single node. It shows the status, CPU usage, CPU load, free RAM, free swap, the number of processes that are currently running, disk i/o measured in blocks per second, traffic information in Kbit/s, the network roundtrip-time, the amount of packet loss (measured by the receiver daemon), etc.

N2 Details - Graphics

One of the most informative tabs is the graphics tab. Here you can see the usage of different resources displayed over time. You can click below the horizontal time-axis to move all elements of the n2 details view to the corresponding time.

This screen helps to understand load and RAM requirements, shows trends in network usage over time, and it enables you to predict when you need to upgrade components in the server, or start your nightly backups earlier.